Privacy Policy

Ashizawa Finetech Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ashizawa”) recognizes the importance of the personal information of the Ashizawa website users and pays the utmost attention to the handling of such information.

On the Ashizawa website, users may be required to enter or register personal information to access Ashizawa services.

The information that users provide online is strictly managed.

1. Protection and Management of Personal Information

Ashizawa ensures that personal information is properly managed and takes the utmost care to prevent the leakage of such information.

Ashizawa implements appropriate and reasonable security measures to prevent improper access to, and the loss, destruction, and alteration of, personal information, among other possible risks.

In addition, in order to provide better services, Ashizawa may entrust personal information to external parties working on behalf of Ashizawa. However, Ashizawa takes steps to appoint outsourcing service providers whose handling of personal information has been deemed appropriate and to ensure that these entities implement proper management under Ashizawa’s control, including personal information management, confidentiality, and prohibition of re-offering personal information, in order to prevent the leakage of personal information, among other possible risks.

2. Cases When Requesting Personal Information and Use of Such Information

On the Ashizawa website, personal information may be requested in the following cases.

  • Delivery of reference materials
  • Response to Inquiries
  • Other

( If personal information is required to be entered for purposes other than above, Ashizawa shall clearly explain to the users the purpose and details of use and shall ensure that the personal information requested is the minimum necessary. )

The information shall be used to provide services on the Ashizawa website correctly or to deliver information concerning Ashizawa, or when Ashizawa needs to contact users for any reason.

In addition, the status of use of the Ashizawa website may be collected to properly provide information for individuals, and to improve the service contents on the Ashizawa website.

3. Reference, Change, and Deletion Regarding Personal Information

With regard to individually indentifying information that was entered on the Ashizawa website, if users directly contact the office shown below in person to request a reference, change, or deletion regarding the information managed by Ashizawa, Ashizawa shall reasonably and promptly respond to the requests.

4. Provision and Disclosure of Personal Information

No information identifying individuals that was provided online shall be provided or disclosed to any third party, except in the cases that fall under any of the following items.

  • Where Ashizawa has a prearranged contract with entities for outsourcing, in which case the personal information should not be used for purposes other than for the services that Ashizawa outsourced
  • Where Ashizawa obtains the consent of the person providing the information
  • Where provision or disclosure is required based on laws and regulations.

5. Personal Information at Linked Locations

The Ashizawa website introduces links to other companies’ websites.

In no event shall Ashizawa be responsible or liable for the personal information collected at linked websites. Please access and use the linked websites at your own discretion.

Inquiries about our Private Policy

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