Support Outside Japan and Partnership with NETZSCH /
Laboratony Tests


Technical Partnership Supporting Quality

Since 1984, Ashizawa Finetech Ltd. has had a technical partnership with NETZSCH, the world’s leading German manufacturer of grinding and dispersing machinery such as bead mills.
In Japan, Ashizawa manufactures, sells, and provides maintenance for NETZSCH products and NETZSCH offers customer support outside Japan.
With a partnership running over a quarter of a century, including the mutual dispatch of employees and other cooperative operations, we will continue offering state-of-the-art Japanese and German fine particle technology.



  • NETZSCH, based in Germany (Selb, Bavaria), is a leading bead mill manufacturer with a long history of over 140 years.
  • NETZSCH is a worldwide enterprise with branch offices and agencies around the world: Germany, U.K., Spain, France, U.S., Brazil, India, China, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, and other locations.
  • NETZSCH is highly acclaimed for its technology of dispersing pigments.
  • The horizontal bead mill “LMZ” successfully developed by NETZSCH is a high-flow re-circulation type that enables the dispersion of nano-size particles.

Trial Production

500 Tests Using Actual Machines Per Year, with Over 80% Client Satisfaction

For our clients to confirm our submicron and nano particle technology and the performance of peripheral equipment, we offer a testing service using our clients’ samples on actual machines.
Based on a wealth of experience and knowledge gained through 500 testing cases a year, we have been offering optimal processing solutions to our clients and receiving a comprehensive assessment of 80% from them.


Machines and Equipment

  • Wet grinding/dispersing machines, dry grinding machines, mixers, de-aerators
  • Ancillary equipment such as pumps and slurry tank stirrers
  • Ancillary equipment such as feeders and dust collectors