MAX Nan getter

Dispersing Machine for Mass-Producing Nano Particles


Mild Dispersing That Suppresses Damage to Particles

The MAX NANO GETTER is a bead mill for dispersing and mass-producing nano particles. This machine has performance equivalent to the existing NANO GETTER. With bead mills incorporating mixer and stirrer structures, it has been easy to scale up to increased volumes, enabling large-scale production of nano particles (around hundreds of kilograms per hour at maximum “the industry’s largest scale”). The MAX NANO GETTER can be used for various types of raw materials as the movement of beads can be easily controlled depending on the material type and change in viscosity.


  • Capable of mass-producing high-quality, high-precision nano particles
  • Supporting wide applications by setting mild dispersing, grinding, and optimal processing conditions
  • Reliable bead separation and stable use of microbeads (due to its adoption of the independently driven centrifugal separator)

Example of Mild Dispersing

Cut down of Energy input
“Case Example of TiO2

Cut down of Energy input

Keep particle properties
“Result of X‐ray diffraction”

Keep particle properties

Ideal Beads’ Movement “Spiral Laminar Flow”



  • Inkjet ink
  • Multi Layered Ceramic Capacitor
  • Photocatalysts
  • Automobile paint
  • Magnetic recording materials
  • Battery materials
  • Cosmetics
  • Pigments
  • Dyes
  • Semiconductor abrasive
  • Other applications of nano particles in general


Model HFM02 – HFM125
Electric motor 2.2kW – 110kW
Grinding chamber volume 0.2L – 125L
Bead diameter φ0.03mm – 0.5mm