For R&D Smallest Desktop Size Laboratory Bead Mill for Research and Development and Small Volume Samples


This machine can be used as either a “dispersing type” or “grinding type” by replacing chambers (vessels and rotors).
If users wish to expand the range of the experiment, it is recommended to prepare both chambers.
In addition, this machine incorporates a single common frame for three different uses, so that it can also be used as a batch type for processing small volume samples.

Product Lineup/Features

Either “grinding,” “dispersing,” or “for small volume dispersion (batch type)” can be selected by replacing chambers (vessels and rotors).


LMZ015 is a laboratory-sized STARMILL LMZ high-flow circulation operation type standard model.

This model is for grinding, whereas DMS65 is for dispersing.


DMS65 is a small-sized NANO GETTER for dispersing nano particles.

There are records that this machine has been scaled up to manufacturing size.


HFM02 is a batch type MAX NANO GETTER mill for dispersing nano particles.

This machine can be operated with minimum sample volumes of 100 mL.

  • Easy to handle
  • Scaleup to production size
  • Common frame for three different uses with one machine

Main Specifications

Motor 2.2kW
Grinding chamber volume
  • 0.12L (DMS65)
  • 0.17L (LMZ015)
  • 0.2L (HFM02)
Batch volume
  • About 0.1L (HFM02) * Batch type operation
  • 0.25 – 0.5L (DMS65/LMZ015) * Re-circulation System
Bead diameter
  • φ0.03mm – 0.2mm (HFM02)
  • φ0.03mm – 0.3mm (DMS65)
  • φ0.03mm – 0.5mm (LMZ015)


  • Electronic component materials /
  • Various paints /
  • Inkjet ink /
  • Battery materials /
  • Ferrites /
  • Ceramics /
  • LCD color resist /
  • Pigments /
  • Metals /
  • Cosmetics /
  • Food /
  • Pesticides /
  • Pharmaceuticals